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Writing Plaint & Defence

Writing Plaint & Defence

What is it?

In any legal case there are two different parties involved, the party who files the case is called Plaintiff and the party against whom the case is called defendant.

UAE is a multicultural country having people from different countries and Arabic is the official court prosecution and Police language.

Arabic is one of toughest language and very difficult for non-Arabic community so we can help clients in reading understanding and replying and drafting of legal papers.

We help your paper works

Non Arabic people have difficulty in reading and understanding Arabic when it comes to a legal document, it becomes more difficult to the technicality of legal matters.

If a client wants to file case we help him to draft plaint and in case of defending a case we help in drafting the documents and replies to plaints and notices in Arabic.

Writing your Case Documents

We have professional Arabic drafters with good legal temper who can draft any kind of legal document to be submitted in any court, prosecution or police.

Criminal Cases Filing

In criminal cases we can prepare your case for police station or public prosecution by writing reports and summaries of facts.


Criminal Cases Defence

We can write strong defence after getting complete file of the case of clients from Public prosecution or court at any stage be it Court of first instance, Appeal or Cessation court.


Civil Cases Filing

We can help our clients to open civil case with a perfectly drafted plaint. If the initial draft is written professionally by keeping in view the factual information and properly documented, the chances of winning a case increase at the first stage itself.

Replying of Memorandum

At Dar al Haqooq, we help our clients in replying a memorandum submitted by plaintiff. So in such cases we write defence memorandum and counter memorandum for our clients.


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